Sunday, 12 November 2017

Hide and seek

Hide and Seek 

“28.29.30 READY OR NOT,HERE I COME!!” My friends said. Oh no! I can't find my hiding spot, I think I can hide here in the bushes, before I hide, my heart was beating so fast like a Lamborghini starting up its engine. When I looked behind at my side their was a small creepy brown spider round on the wall and I am snuggling and the door creaked open and I heard stomping, heavy breath sound and loud laughter saying, “where are you?” and my heart racing, my skin turns ashen and waiting for any further sound. The small creepy brown spider walked in with its front foot and it starting running back in the bush and a few minutes later he starting to find me. He looked beside him and he saw the bush moving, he said is “THAT YOU”, oh no I think he saw me and he slowly went forward step by step and he said BOO I was  FINALLY FOUND.

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