Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Road trip

Road Trip 
On the 1st of August our class went to the Art Gallery, Margaret MaHy playground and dance o mat. 

We first went is Art Gallery and we look around and we find some interesting art. When I was looking around I find one pin in the wall and I ask to my friend. Why is there pin in the wall, He said I don't know but it's pretty interesting art, I said nice art too. After a 30 minute we eat our morning tea and after that we went to Margaret many playground.

We were went to the Margaret Mahy playground, When I was waking to that Margaret Mahy playground I saw a lot of force when we out there on Margaret Mahy playground, My friend asked to me was can we play tag with us and I said ok but after we eat a lunch I'm gonna go to slide ok and my friend say ok let's play tag. After a 1 hour we went to the dance o math.

We went to dance o math it's so sad because the dance o math isn't working but Danielle try to put 2 dollars on the machine, but it didn't work and she wasted 2 dollars for not working dance o math and I said to my brain what a waste. But Danielle decided to walk around to the town. When we are waking with my friend we saw a bigfoot statue sitting in the chair and my friends middle shouted guys take a lot photos with Bigfoot. We laugh so much After a few minutes we went back to dance o mat. 

We just arrived to the dance o mat but I thought we were done waking and I said to my friend this is taking for ages and he said yes it taking ages. After a few minutes we finally arrived to Margaret Mahy playground and it just in time because the bus is here and I shouted YES WE ARE GONNA GO SCHOOL FINALLY!!! AND AFTER IM GONNA GO HOME.

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