Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Art calendar

Art Calendar Reflection 

In calendar art I made a pineapple with paper and I stuck the magazine into the another paper and I made the back around into sand and water with magazine.

Today I learnt was when you are not talking and mucking around your activity will be done early because when you talk too much and muck around you’re wasting your own time and your activity will be done. 

It didn't go well when I was putting the magazine into the paper. I didn't cut the paper into small pieces because I wanted it done early to do my another activity.

What went well is I did my pineapple magazine because I wasn't mucking around and doing nothing and also I wasn’t sitting with my friends. 

My struggle was when I cut the magazine because when I cut the little pieces of magazine I can't pick it up because when I pick it up it always fell onto the ground.
My second struggle was sticking the little pieces of magazine into the paper because when I put the little pieces of magazine into the background it was always sticking to my both hands, it is so sticky. My third struggle was finding the right colour in the magazine because when I looked for the right colour I took ages to find the right colour and I wasted the time too.

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