Thursday, 28 September 2017



Hello everyone, do you know what can happen to people if they get really hot? Well, in the Philippines there is a word called heat syncope. A person can experience heat syncope when you’re active in hot weather and you’ll get dizzy and fall down on the ground. This happened to me before.

Because of the high temperature in the Philippines that average 38 degrees Celsius, a lot of people in the Philippines often get heat syncope.

On one afternoon I was out in the sun running around and playing. But I didn't bring any water or put sunscreen on, and I didn't wear any hat. 

While I was running, I felt dizzy and I fell down on the ground. My friend saw me fall down. He ran fast he can to me. He shouted SANJIVE ARE YOU OKAY and he came to me and a few seconds.

And he came to me saying, wake up sanjive wake up but I didn't woke up. He Suddenly slapped me in the face 2x but I still didn't wake up.

After a few minutes, I finally woke up. My friend lifted me up and we went to the shadow. I finally wake up and he said I suddenly slapped you in face 2x but you still didn't wake up. He said you're taking for ages to wake up. 

I said ok I'm fine. Can you get me some water please and my friend say ok I'm gonna come back later.

My friend ran over at the shop and brought some water and he ran back fast to me. He gave the water to me and I said finally I'm gonna drink some water again.

This is what happened to me when I got heat syncope. I hope you enjoyed my speech. 

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