Thursday, 8 June 2017

Science blog

Week 10 6.7.17 
Day 1 
I think day 1 was pretty hard because we need to do it again because we need a lot of popsicle stick and cardboard and we need to do panties for our playground.

Day 2
I think my two day went really hard because I don't have much Popsicles stick and more things and I what to finish painting because if we done painting we aloud to do our doing.

 Day 3 
I think day tree was pretty good because we're done painting our playground and I wanted too today and I think I am at a bad stage because I have been away for 30 minutes and so most people are ahead.

Week 9 3.7.17 
When I was painting the playground I didn't rushed to the other side because last time when we painting the playground they got mix together. 

My struggle is when I was painting the playground and they got mix together and when we paint the our playground our hands are shaky.

What's working well is our playground that is almost done painting because we work together as a team.

My improvements are painting the playground.

My next step is organised and prepared and doing step by step.
1 fix the slide, climbing wall, basketball court,  seesaw and swing
2 paint the playground
3 use popsicles stick and tape to build the a slide than the paper.

Week 8 19.6.17
pushing or pulling against it for example,if someone sits down in a chair,the chair pushing back and game of tug of war,each team to pull offer the and as the boxerman first delivered powerful forces to the push bag,it tries to swing back is own weight.
What did you changes?we changes rubber bands and cotton ball and distance and also we changes is catapult. 

What did I do is catapult data with Sam. where we doing outside and we finished our catapult and also we did data distance in our books.

Week 7 blog 15.6.17
What I've done:is golf course with Alex where we doing in golf course in room 12 we use
books and pens   

What I found out: The gravity was pushing the ping pong ball down the ramp,the next time we tried it we put
barriers on the sides of the ramp to keep it rolling down in line.

What I wonder: I wonder is why ping pong ball bouncy done marble run. 

Week 7 blog 12.6.17
What I've done:Is explore the catapult I did with Sam.

What I've found:when you catapult the cotton ball with 7 rubbers bands it will get smaller and the cotton ball is fading because of the rubber bands.

What I wonder:when you put the 20 rubber band in the cotton band.

Week 6 blog 8.6.17
What. I've done: 
I got to choose between 3 activities 
This week. They were basketball bounce,
Ping pong ramp and chair pulleys.I choose to do ping pong ramp because it seemed fun 
I made my ramp in the room 12 area with Jonti
We used a book,ruler and pencil.

What I Found out:
On our first test run/experiment the ping pong ball fell off side of woods because we had no barriers to keep on the wood.
The gravity was pushing the ping pong ball down the ramp,the next time we tried it we put
barriers on the sides of the ramp to keep it rolling down in line. It was banging against the barriers as it made its way downward.
The angle of the ramp pushed the ball down at a medium speed.
We had to change the angle of the ramp a few times to make it work successfully.

What I wonder:
I wonder what would happen if I push the basketball even harder into the ground would it go even higher than I have had it before.
I wonder why deflecting the ball works better at  getting an accurate shot  rather than pushing the ball.
I wonder if it would work better if you used a bigger chair.
I wonder how it would work with 3 people.
I wonder why the ping pong ball had air in it 
I wonder what my golf course will look 
like and how hard will I need to hit the ball for it to get in the hole 

Science blog 25.5.17 week 5

What I’ve done…
Is catapult ,rocket balloon and tug war.

What I found I have found out that catapult, rocket balloon ,tug war and was really hard to make if you don't know what to do and was a challenging one that you need a lot more strength. 

What I wonder…is that we not didn't use a metal spoon and a piece of wood to make a catapult and why we didn't use gloves to do a tug war and wonder the ropes go straight to go further. 

Science blog4/6/2017 week 4 
What I’ve clay and ping pong ball

What I found clay are really quickly to dry and if you block the ping pong it will go 

What I wonder… why the clay is so wet and I wonder why the clay so quickly to dry and I wonder is why ping pong ball bouncy and why does the ping pong needs air inside it.

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