Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holiday A.B.C

Ate daddy's birthday cake  yum

Basketball with Niko

Church on Sunday 

Daddy made Philippines food

Eating ice cream 

Feeding the bird

Go to friend’s house 

Help clean the house

I went to Tita party 

Joking with my brother 

Kicking football in backyard

Ladder game with family 

My friend Kurt played with me 

Niko and I play together 

Origami airplane and boat

Play lpad with my brother 

Quietly spy my brother 

Ride bikes around the house 

Swim at Graham Condon

Talked to my brother about wrestling

Using the shoes 

Visiting my auntie’s party 

Watch t.v at home

X-Men trailer 

Yo-yo fun

Zombies game 


  1. Very good Sanjive!
    Your very good English now!

  2. I really like the way you have written about your holidays. Because it is clear, interesting and uses verbs, I'm able to get a picture of the action!!