Sunday, 12 November 2017

Hide and seek

Hide and Seek 

“28.29.30 READY OR NOT,HERE I COME!!” My friends said. Oh no! I can't find my hiding spot, I think I can hide here in the bushes, before I hide, my heart was beating so fast like a Lamborghini starting up its engine. When I looked behind at my side their was a small creepy brown spider round on the wall and I am snuggling and the door creaked open and I heard stomping, heavy breath sound and loud laughter saying, “where are you?” and my heart racing, my skin turns ashen and waiting for any further sound. The small creepy brown spider walked in with its front foot and it starting running back in the bush and a few minutes later he starting to find me. He looked beside him and he saw the bush moving, he said is “THAT YOU”, oh no I think he saw me and he slowly went forward step by step and he said BOO I was  FINALLY FOUND.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Art calendar

Art Calendar Reflection 

In calendar art I made a pineapple with paper and I stuck the magazine into the another paper and I made the back around into sand and water with magazine.

Today I learnt was when you are not talking and mucking around your activity will be done early because when you talk too much and muck around you’re wasting your own time and your activity will be done. 

It didn't go well when I was putting the magazine into the paper. I didn't cut the paper into small pieces because I wanted it done early to do my another activity.

What went well is I did my pineapple magazine because I wasn't mucking around and doing nothing and also I wasn’t sitting with my friends. 

My struggle was when I cut the magazine because when I cut the little pieces of magazine I can't pick it up because when I pick it up it always fell onto the ground.
My second struggle was sticking the little pieces of magazine into the paper because when I put the little pieces of magazine into the background it was always sticking to my both hands, it is so sticky. My third struggle was finding the right colour in the magazine because when I looked for the right colour I took ages to find the right colour and I wasted the time too.

Road trip

Road Trip 
On the 1st of August our class went to the Art Gallery, Margaret MaHy playground and dance o mat. 

We first went is Art Gallery and we look around and we find some interesting art. When I was looking around I find one pin in the wall and I ask to my friend. Why is there pin in the wall, He said I don't know but it's pretty interesting art, I said nice art too. After a 30 minute we eat our morning tea and after that we went to Margaret many playground.

We were went to the Margaret Mahy playground, When I was waking to that Margaret Mahy playground I saw a lot of force when we out there on Margaret Mahy playground, My friend asked to me was can we play tag with us and I said ok but after we eat a lunch I'm gonna go to slide ok and my friend say ok let's play tag. After a 1 hour we went to the dance o math.

We went to dance o math it's so sad because the dance o math isn't working but Danielle try to put 2 dollars on the machine, but it didn't work and she wasted 2 dollars for not working dance o math and I said to my brain what a waste. But Danielle decided to walk around to the town. When we are waking with my friend we saw a bigfoot statue sitting in the chair and my friends middle shouted guys take a lot photos with Bigfoot. We laugh so much After a few minutes we went back to dance o mat. 

We just arrived to the dance o mat but I thought we were done waking and I said to my friend this is taking for ages and he said yes it taking ages. After a few minutes we finally arrived to Margaret Mahy playground and it just in time because the bus is here and I shouted YES WE ARE GONNA GO SCHOOL FINALLY!!! AND AFTER IM GONNA GO HOME.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Art found

What is found object art? cans, wire, stick and styrofoam. 
What did you make?drum ( picture ) 
What was your inspiration?This is my inspiration why I want to do this sculpture because I want to learn how to drum and this is the picture I want to improve.
What went well? Is I finally worked on my sculpture because I went to E.S.O.L and 
I'm happy to my sculpture because last time my sculpture didn't work because I use big cans and now it works.


What would you change/do differently next time? I'm gonna change my activity because 
I want to learn something interesting and new.



Hello everyone, do you know what can happen to people if they get really hot? Well, in the Philippines there is a word called heat syncope. A person can experience heat syncope when you’re active in hot weather and you’ll get dizzy and fall down on the ground. This happened to me before.

Because of the high temperature in the Philippines that average 38 degrees Celsius, a lot of people in the Philippines often get heat syncope.

On one afternoon I was out in the sun running around and playing. But I didn't bring any water or put sunscreen on, and I didn't wear any hat. 

While I was running, I felt dizzy and I fell down on the ground. My friend saw me fall down. He ran fast he can to me. He shouted SANJIVE ARE YOU OKAY and he came to me and a few seconds.

And he came to me saying, wake up sanjive wake up but I didn't woke up. He Suddenly slapped me in the face 2x but I still didn't wake up.

After a few minutes, I finally woke up. My friend lifted me up and we went to the shadow. I finally wake up and he said I suddenly slapped you in face 2x but you still didn't wake up. He said you're taking for ages to wake up. 

I said ok I'm fine. Can you get me some water please and my friend say ok I'm gonna come back later.

My friend ran over at the shop and brought some water and he ran back fast to me. He gave the water to me and I said finally I'm gonna drink some water again.

This is what happened to me when I got heat syncope. I hope you enjoyed my speech. 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Science Blog Plan

Science Plan 29-6-17 Week 9
Who you working with:Sanjive,Hamish.B and Thomas.A
Activity:Miniature Playground.
Materials Sanjive C. Thomas A. Hamish B h
Popsicle Stick
Bottle Cap
Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue Stick
Rubber Bands

Get paper and lay it down
Get cardboard and cut it into a   long line and into a ladder shape
Stick popsicle sticks as barriers on the slide stick ladder to slide and to the paper
Get Skewers toothpicks string and cardboard
Stick toothpicks onto paper then Sellotape the skewer to top of
toothpicks then tie the string to the skewer then Sellotape the cardboard to the string
Get paper/popsicle fold paper into circle then cut a square into both sides and put the stick onto squares

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Autumn writing

Autumn Poem 
I see the leaves falling side to side to the ground like they're dancing in the air.

I walked into the park and I heard crunchy crumbs of nuts.

I feel the leaves falling beneath my feet crunching into pile of nuts

I look up in tree I see the fire flaming spikey leave.